Deco Junction | Affiliate Program


Deco Junction - Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce a new and exciting program! Our  Deco Junction - Affiliate Program gives you an opportunity to earn money when your referrals make a purchase on our website. This is one of our initiative towards our larger mission of Entrepreneurship and Woman empowerment.

Place our link or banners on facebook, twitter, your website, blog, forum, gchat, Skype or anywhere others can click the link on, and you will get 5%-15% commission on each referral sale. Alternatively, you can share your unique affiliate code with potential customers on whatsapp, text etc and earn referral income.

Also, only for limited time customers who use affiliate link or code will be eligible to get 15% discount on the product plus free shipping anywhere in India.

 Deco Junction | Affiliate Program

How does it work?

Just create an account to become an affiliate of Deco Junction. Then you can log into your account to join our affiliate program, share your coupon code, referral link/banners and start earning commissions today. 

When an user visits after clicking on the link or banner on your website or entering your affiliate code and make a successful purchase, you will earn an outstanding 5%-15% of that sale. You will also receive an email to confirm about the order and commission you will get. 

We will pay you at the end of each months for amounts greater than Rs. 1000. If your commission is less than Rs. 1000, we will add it to the following month. You can chose to either get a direct bank transfer or get paid by cheque. 

A full summary of all your referred sales and  your current commission are available by signing in your affiliate account at

 It gets better, you get paid to sign up other affiliates and earn commission on what affiliates under you sell too. There are two programs, the commission break down is shown below:

Program Name Percent Commission Level 1 Percent Commission Level 2 Percent Commission Level 3 Qualifying Sale/Month
Deco Junction Affiliate Program 5% 2%  -  -
Silver - Deco Junction Affiliate Program 6% 3%  - Rs. 10,000
Gold - Deco Junction Affiliate Program 8% 3% 1% Rs. 50,000 
Platinum - Deco Junction Affiliate Program 10% 3% 2% Rs. 1,00,000 

An affiliate automatically qualify for Silver program once they earn Rs. 10,000/month. Once an affiliate crosses Rs. 50,000/month in earnings they get the Gold Partner status and over a Lakh in earnings qualifies for Platinum status.

Join us and start earning money today!

Some important things to note

+ Cookies are used to track referrals

+ If a person clicks on your referral link and then later they click on someone else’s, yours is the one that earn commission.

+ If a person clicks a link, they have one month before the cookies expires. If they make a purchase within that month, then you will earn a commission.

+ If a person has signed up at DecoJunction before and then clicks a referral link, the affiliate will not earn a commission.

+ Above all, use of the affiliate program is subject to a fair usage policy which gives Deco Junction the right to review each and every referral


Deco Junction | Affiliate Program

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