Tricks and tools for successful Affiliates 


We would like you to succeed and below are some of the ways you can leverage the affiliate program to your benefit.


  1. Share on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc)
  2. Email your contacts
  3. SMS or WhatsApp your contacts
  4. Post banner on your site, forums or blog.
  5. Site widget
  6. Word of mouth


1.   Share on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc)


Login to the Deco Junction site with your affiliate login. Use your affiliate link to post an update on your social media accounts.

Your affiliate links can be found as shown below


My Affiliate Account >> My Invitation



Alternatively you can also use the above button to share on social media.




2.   Email your contacts

You can use the below example text to email all your contacts.


Welcome to the world of “Make in India” risk free Entrepreneurship Opportunity

We can help you to open the doors of financial freedom and enable you to make your dreams come true.

You earn by capitalizing on your contacts worldwide from the comforts of your home and be part of “Make in India" initiative.

Join as an Affiliate Partner at Deco Junction and earn commission income life time.

Check out exclusive, authentic and exquisite Handicrafts, Jewellery and Artwork.

Please click this link to accept your invitation or enter the referral code: <your code> when you create an account or checkout to get your special discount.

To know more about the program check out these two pages

Deco Junction - Affiliate Program
Step by Step Guide - Affiliate Program


3.   SMS or WhatsApp your contacts

Send your invitation with your referral code. Your referral code can be found as shown below

My Affiliate Account >> My Invitation



4.   Post banner on your site, forums or blog.


You can post a banner on your site, forum or blog by following the below

Go to My Affiliate Account >> My Affiliate Banner

Pick a banner of your choice and copy the code available to use on your site.



5.   Site widget


You can use code available here to post on your site or blog.

Go to My Affiliate Account >> My Affiliate Widget

Select the number of products you want to show in the widget, copy the code available and paste it on your site.



6.   Word of Mouth


Through ages, word of mouth have been the best form of promotions. Let your friends/contacts know of your affiliate code and ask them to sign up using your affiliate code.