Step by Step Guide to Signup for the Deco Junction Affiliate Program


Step 1

Click on the button below or go to URL:

Deco Junction | Affiliate Program

Step 2

Fill the details in the form below


Referral Code: Fill in the referral code of the person who recommended you. If you got to the site using the link shared by you, this field should be auto populated.

Auto payment when account balance reaches: Enter a value between 500 to 10000. If you enter 500, it means you want Deco Junction to pay you commission as soon as you have accumulated Rs. 500 in commission.

Payment Method: You could choose either Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Reserve Level and Affiliate Website can be left blank.


On successful submission of the above form you will be re-directed to your dashboard as shown below


You will get an email regarding your signup request as shown below:


Step 3

Wait for approval from Deco Junction.

Deco Junction would be intimated that you have applied for an affiliate account, once Deco Junction reviews your application and approves it you would get another email letting you know that your account is now approved, as shown below:


Step 4

On account approval, you can now login to the site using your credentials on the site.


Step 5

Click on the My Affiliate Account link on the header or footer of the site


You will have access to your Affiliate account information on your account dashboard.




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